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We perform hundreds of searches for mortgage companies, lienholders, accountants, and appraisers.

If you are a foreclosure investor, we can work closely with you to provide your search quickly, and review the details of your search with you. Foreclosures and tax sales are our specialty.

Our title experts are available by phone to provide support and explain the title abstract document to you.


Sites specializing in other types of property research reports:
Easement Search offers search reports for property easements, surface rights, and structures on the property.
Mineral Rights Search provides research determining the status of ownership of mineral rights on real estate.
Environmental Liens searches and reports on environemntal lien and AUL for Phase 1 ESA.
SBA Title Search prioritizes ownership encumbrance reports for SBA emergency/disaster relief loans.
Title Search offers a wide variety of title research and reporting needs. Customized reports are available.

We Provide Certified Title Search Services for:

Buyers Insurance Title Companies Contractors
Sellers Probate Mortgage Brokers Lien Holders
Investors Attorneys Builders Divorce
Lenders Accountants Government More...

We recommended these top-rated title research and abstractor companies local to each state.

Alabama Title Research
Alaska Title Search
Arizona Title Research
Arkansas Property Title
Title Research of California
Colorado Title Reports
Abstracting Connecticut
Title Search Delaware
Title Research of Florida
Title Search Georgia
Hawaii Title Reports
Idaho Abstracting
Illinios Title Reports
Abstractors of Indiana
Property Research Iowa
Abstracting Kansas
Kentucky Property Reports
Property Research Louisiana
Massachusetts Property Abstractors
Title Reports Maryland
Abstractors of Maine
Michigan Title Search
Minnesota Property Research
Title Reports of Mississippi
Title Search Missouri
Montana Title Research
Property Research Nebraska
Title Search of Nevada
Abstracting New Hampshire
Abstractors of New Jersey
New Mexico Title Search
New York Property Research
Abstractors of North Carolina
Title Search North Dakota
Ohio Property Abstracting
Abstracting Oklahoma
Oregon Title Research
Title Abstractors Pennsylvania State
Rhode Island Title Reports
South Carolina Property Reports
South Dakota Abstrators
Property Research Tennessee
Texas Title Search
Title Abstracting of Utah
Property Title of Vermont
Virginia Real Title Search
Washington Property Research
Property Search West Virginia
Wisconsin Abstractors Co
Abstractors of Wyoming


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We will use the contact information provided above to send you your title search documents when completed.

Enter the property information into the order form above. Your order will begin processing by our title abstractor. The final title search document is normally 10-15 pages, and will be sent to you by email in 1-3 business days.

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