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Do you need to find if there are liens on a property? will research the official records for your subject property. You will receive an official title abstract which will allow you to determine the apparent property ownership, liens, mortgages, and encumbrances for the current owner.


Certified Title Examiner Research

The title abstract document includes five important sections:


Ownership - Documents the current ownership and deed, with prior owner information.


Each title search is certified by us that the records were retrieved from the county as of the date shown.

Liens - Lists open liens and judgments against the property, with amounts, dates, and priority status. There are over 50 types of liens searched; tax liens, mechanics liens, IRS liens, etc.

Mortgages - Provide mortgage amounts owed against the property, with contacts. Mortgage releases, assignments, modifications, refinances, and foreclosures are also checked.

Taxes - Includes assessed value, annual tax amount, unpaid status, and searches. Back taxes and delinquency is also checked.

Legal/Vesting - Full legal description of the property, and ownership vesting.

Our title representatives are available to answer questions about the search document. This search contains full document copies of mortgages, liens, and deeds, all with official county record stamps.

We Provide Certified Title Search Services for:

Buyers Insurance Title Companies Contractors
Sellers Probate Mortgage Brokers Lien Holders
Investors Attorneys Builders Divorce
Lenders Accountants Government More...


Enter property information to check for clear title:



  Questions? Call 877-848-5337


We will use the contact information provided above to send you your title search documents when completed.

Enter the property information into the order form above. Your order will begin processing by our title abstractor. The final title search document is normally 10-15 pages, and will be sent to you by email in 1-3 business days.

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