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Terms and Conditions

Visitor agrees to the following terms and conditions, as evidenced by using this website.

The company agrees to keep the information of the visitor private. The contact information will only be used for payment processing, order delivery, and follow up. The information will not be released to third parties beyond these uses, for advertising or marketing.

Credit card numbers are not stored by the company as a result of web placed orders.

The company may be contacted at the following address:

AFX Research, LLC
999 Monterey St, Suite 380
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Any records report or product provided by the company is provided on an as-is basis. Visitor assumes all liability of use, including but not limited to errors, omissions, loss, or damages.

Visitor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the company, websites, employees, owners, officers, contractors, and other related parties from any liability, damages, or other types of claims.

The report or product is to be used solely for the end-use by the visitor. No third-party use is authorized. Reports or products should not be relied upon for real estate closings or purchases. The information contained is for reference only.

Visitors are urged to obtain legal advice prior to making any decisions or actions regarding the purchase, sale, or taking any interest in real estate.

There may be other information which can affect the status of a real estate interest, beyond the scope of a records report. These can include, but are not limited to property appraisal, survey, owner credit history, zoning, unrecorded documents, report errors and omissions, records fraud, probate, bankruptcy, civil records, or other relevant factors.

A limited records search such as the one provided by the company should be considered simply as basic limited property information.

No warranty, fitness for a specific purpose, guarantee, or other representations are provided or implied by the company. None should be assumed or relied upon by the visitor. This includes website description, or subsequent communication by phone, email, or other means.

No communication or information provided by the company is to be considered as legal advice or opinions. The company is not a law firm, nor does it employ attorneys.

There may be errors in the report provided, originating from the records source, from the search process, or from negligence.

In no case will any damages or liability exist beyond the actual net price paid for the product by the visitor.

Please verify that your usage of any information provided to you matches the terms and conditions under which they are provided. Modifications to these terms cannot be made by any company representative..


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